Stamping | Advanced Laser 

At AL, we have the ability to support all of your stamping needs, from the prototype and verification phases all the way through volume production.
We offer quick-turn, low-cost, short-run tooling to ensure your design is just right.

By combining our stamping services with our in-house fabrication and assembly, we can help you reduce the overall development timeline as well as the cost of products.

Our Stamping Services Save Time & Money

Our stamping services include a unique, rapid prototype strategy helping you save time and money. We can support low, mid, and high volume orders with multiple material options available. AL is proud to offer customers Design for Manufacture (DFM) in order to provide quality work from start to finish.

Our available stamping services also include:

  • Tool design and build
  • Support insert molding applications
  • Pre & post-finishing options
  • Tool transfer process
  • Packaging solutions
Contact us today for more information about our stamping services. When you’re ready to begin, complete and submit our online request for quote form, and we will be in touch with you soon.

Stamping Benefits for Our Markets

Choosing the stamping services from AL will ensure you receive quality work while also saving time and money, regardless of your market. We ensure the design you want is what you get, and we can handle any order volume, assisting you from prototype through production.

  • Healthcare/Medical: In order to be successful in the medical and healthcare markets, it’s necessary to have a stamping solutions partner that uniquely balances precision, process control, and quality control. Our team at AL understands these requirements as they relate to medical products, and we have the ability to execute standard validation protocols, or utilize and execute customer-supplied validation protocols. AL has a proven track record in each of these areas, and is a strong partner for those in the healthcare and medical markets.
  • Transportation: Demand for mass transit and public transportation has increased, and our experience in supplying the market has, too. We understand the importance of aesthetics, quality, and strict timelines our transportation customers demand.
  • Information Technology: At AL, we offer a mix of mid/high-volume products, hardware insertion, tight timelines, and high-quality standards. Our risk-based supply chain management strategy ensures we have the purchased components on-site when needed, and redundancy built in to be prepared for when the unexpected happens.

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