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powder-coating black metal piece

AL is proud to offer customers in-house powder coating.

Because we own and operate this service, we serve as a total solution provider to our customers, and can take a product from development to finished part/assembly without it ever leaving our facilities. Our dedicated powder coat facility offers a 20’x12’x10’h processing capacity.

Whether you are coating for corrosion protection, aesthetics, or both, AL’s team will deliver a solution that exceeds expectations. We have a large number of stock colors available to give you the look and finish you need with very quick turnaround. Our quality control measures ensure the powder coating projects we complete have the correct color and gloss, thickness, hardness, and proper adhesion.

For more information about our powder coating services, contact us today. To discuss your project needs, complete our online request for quote form and we will be in touch with you soon.

Powder Coating Benefits for Our Markets

Our premier powder coating facility provides industry-leading coating solutions to all of our markets, as we can work with large and small parts. The strong partnerships we’ve developed with the coating and chemical suppliers ensures we have the best products. The professionals at AL will ensure your project is completed with long-lasting quality in the look you desire.

  • Agriculture/Construction Equipment: AL understands that the equipment used by farmers and construction workers is the keystone to their operations. We are proud to offer high-quality powder coating and other services to provide parts that are delivered on time so you can build and deliver equipment to those in the Ag and construction markets when needed.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Our in-house powder coating provides finishes that please even the most discerning customers. We have over 25 years of experience working with products for the commercial vehicle market, and are vertically integrated, allowing us to take the part from raw material to finished assembly.
  • Energy: AL is committed to supporting the energy market as the world’s demand for renewable energy increases. By using our expertise in contract manufacturing, we’ll help get your products to market faster, allowing you to keep pace with the ever-changing and growing energy market.

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