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Advanced Laser Assembly
AL’s assembly business is built for quality, speed, and flexibility.
AL’s assembly business is built for quality, speed, and flexibility. Our team has built processes that are robust and flexible, allowing us to serve everyone from fortune 500 companies, to those small-batch runs and pre-production prototypes. Our quality control mindset ensures that our assembly processes are in control, and those assembling are properly trained. Our in-house fabrication and finishing keep the movement of parts to a minimum, greatly simplifying the supply chain to save our customers time and money.

Offering a Variety of Scalable Solutions to Fit Your Needs

AL has the ability to support higher-volume, automated solutions, as well as low-volume, manual cells. Our state-of-the-art assembly facility is linked directly to fabrication and finishing, and we offer flexible assembly lines in order to provide you with a single supplier for all of your needs. Assembly operations are also scalable, allowing us to grow with your business.

Our team provides a wide variety of assembly operations, including:

  • Electro-mechanical
  • Highly technical
  • Riveting
  • Swaging
  • PEM insertion
  • Micro welding
  • White room assembly
  • Packaging
  • Lot traceability
  • Supply chain management
  • More services added every day
Advanced Laser Assembly
Our experience with a wide range of metals, such as steel, aluminum, brass, plastic and stainless steel, allows us to be successful across many industries and in many different applications. For more information on our assembly service, or to discuss your unique project requirements, contact us today.

Assembly Benefits for Our Markets

AL assembly services are available to all markets, and our teams work closely with customers to ensure we exceed expectations throughout the process, from PO acceptance to product delivery. While any market may benefit, our assembly process is a leader for the Aviation, Commercial/Military Vehicle, and IT markets.

  • Aviation: Tight tolerances, ongoing documented quality checks for Foreign Object Damage (FOD), and special attention to aerodynamic surfaces. Our commitment to quality is backed by our AS9100D certification. We have a trained and dedicated staff to ensure our aviation customers’ expectations are exceeded.
  • Information Technology: A mix of mid/high-volume products, hardware insertion, tight timelines, and high-quality standards. Risk-based supply chain management strategy ensures we have purchased components on site when needed, and redundancy built in for when the unexpected happens.
  • Commercial/Military Vehicle: In-house powder coating to provide finishes that please even the most discerning customers. Over 25 years of fabricating and assembling products for the commercial vehicle market. Vertically integrated to allow us to take the part from raw material to finished assembly.
  • Medical: Controlled environments and processes ensure our medical customers received consistent, well documented results. AL can provide standard validation and verification protocols, or work with our customers to develop specialized validation protocols.

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