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Advanced Laser has developed our assembly operations around quality, speed, and flexibility. Our robust processes allow us to serve a wide variety of industry partners, from pre-production prototypes to high-quantity full production runs. Our team is ready to help you increase quality and efficiency by delivering high quality assemblies to meet you manufacturing needs.


Advanced Laser’s staff have perfected our in-house coating and finishing to be as reliable and accurate as possible. We are capable of coating both large and small batches of parts ranging from common to highly customized. We have a vast knowledge of many coating and finishing processes, and we will use that knowledge.
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Advanced Laser ensures a low-risk development process by utilizing a validated planning procedure, customer collaboration, and multi-stage quality checks. We have optimized our prototyping development structures to provide our partners with low-cost, short lead time, quality parts. We aim to provide our clients maximum value and unparalleled performance.


Advanced Laser offers an experienced engineering department driven to propel efficiency, continuous improvement, and exceptional value to our industry partners. We provide process, mechanical, and quality engineering to find a solution best tailored to your needs. Our in-house project management team can take your design from concept to finished product minimizing the risk and maximizing return on investment for our industry partners.
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With over 20 years of experience, Advanced Laser delivers on its promise of being more then “just” a fabrication partner. We combine our fabrication processes with our assembly, coating, logistics and finishing capabilities to deliver the highest quality products possible. We offer a full suite of state-of-the-art fabrication solutions, to ensure that we can deliver high quality parts to our partners on time.


Advanced Lasers’ risk-based supplier management system was implemented to increase our efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses to our industry partners. This allows our logistics department to work seamlessly while providing professional quality and consistency. We offer multiple customer packaging options, stocking programs and shipping options to provide maximum benefit for our partners.
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Advanced Laser provides a vast range of machining capabilities to support your project from concept to shipment. We utilize fully-automated machining cells to bring increased value to our supply chain and our customers. AL can take your design through our processes, from blueprint to shipment, with unmatched customer service and communication along the way.


Advanced Laser’s in-house powder system allows us to provide high quality quick turn powder coat services to our customers. We provide an extensive list of stock colors, and if a customer finish is required, we offer that as well. to meet your finishing needs. Whether the parts require corrosion protection, aesthetics, or both, AL will provide a flawless solution that exceeds expectations.
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Advanced Lasers’ quality team prides themselves ensuring every that every aspect of our customers’ needs is met and controlled. AL is a ISO9001:2015/AS9100 certified manufacturer and we take great pride knowing that our processes minimize risk, control change, and ensure perfection. Utilizing our state-of-the-art measuring equipment in our environmentally-controlled quality labs, our quality team focused on ensuring consistency and repeatability.


At Advanced Laser, we have the ability to support all of your stamping needs, from the prototype and verification phases all the way through volume production. By combining our stamping services with our in-house fabrication and assembly, we can help you reduce the overall development timeline as well as the cost of products.

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