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 Reliability & Consistency Are the Keys to Satisfy Our Partner

Custom Builds for Flexibility in Any Type of Job

Advanced Laser’s focus on consistency and repeatability to provide our utility industry partners the parts they need to build the most reliable vehicles they can. We build parts for service trucks, refuse trucks, and many others that support the utility industry.

We understand that the job site can bring a multitude of unforeseen complications; this is why we design our parts to be flexible and adaptable to the toughest job sites.

Whether you are looking for design in manufacturing or a part made to specification, AL can be your one stop manufacturing partner. We provide solutions from concept to final product. We can help every step of the way.

Here are a few examples of the parts that we build for our utility partners:

  • Front & Rear Fenders / Bumpers
  • Platforms & Grills
  • Door Assemblies
  • Knock-Down Service Vehicle Kits
  • Taillight Box Configurations
  • Overhead Air Orifices / Vents With Grills
  • Ladders / Shoots / Funnels
  • Sub / Full Assemblies