Advanced Laser (AL) is a rapidly growing provider of metal solutions to a wide range of industries.  Our organization is centered around providing our customers with an exceptional experience, and lasting value.  By doing this, we will continue to grow our business relationships that will provide new and exciting opportunities for our organization.


We strive to be recognized as an industry leader in metal solutions.  We will continue to fuel our growth by fostering our innovative and creative culture and by doing so, enrich the lives of our people, customers, and our customer’s customers.


Partner with our customers to develop and safely manufacture complex metal solutions by leveraging our engineering talent, manufacturing competencies, key suppliers and highly skilled workforce.

Core Values

Our success will be achieved by continuing to strengthening our foundation of Core Values:

Quality Policy

Advanced Laser will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations through our persistent focus on customer service, quality, innovation and continuous improvement.


1996 - Established in business incubator in Eau Claire, WI
1998 - Built new building and relocated
2004 - Completed expansion, doubling our footprint
2007 - Became ISO 9001 Certified
2014 - Doubled our footprint again to over 70,000 square feet
2016 - Listed within "The Fab 40" in The Fabricator

Certificate Registration Number:
Valid until 9/15/18

Federal Supply Codes (FSC):

2510, 2540, 2590, 3040, 4140, 5340, 5342, 5365, 9515

Direct Federal Contractor cage code:1V6Y7
Certified Welding D1.1, D1.2, D1.3
ISO 9001:2008